By profession, Nihharr is a Leadership & Happiness Consultant as well as Market Research Analyst since 2008. He gained his ‘Train the Trainer’ certification from Bengaluru and has also undergone ‘Management Program’ from India’s best Management organization ‘Indian Institute of Management’ in Lucknow. He is also a certified English language educator from the ‘American TESOL Institute’. He specializes in conducting workshops on topics such as Cultivating Happy Mindset, Relationship Management, Language Etiquettes, Soft Skills, Emotional Intelligence, Goal Settings, Time Management, Social Media Management, and Hyper-sensory Development Program for children as well as adults.

He has been referred as ‘Gujarat Nu Gaurav (Gujarat’s Pride)’ by Honourable CM of Gujarat Shri Vijay Rupani and apart from as many as 79 plaudits that he has received in the form of accolades, the latest consists of ‘Jewel of Nation Award’ by NACHCOI (West Bengal / New Delhi) & Cifma (Mumbai) and ‘Honour-2018’ by Bollywood Star Sohail Khan.


  • Happiness Counseling
  • Writing
  • Editing
  • Synthesizing elaborate materials
  • Strategic communications
  • International High-Level Relationships
  • Internal Marketing
  • Personal representation
  • Event Design
  • Team-building and Collaboration

Dr Vimal Rathi

Born in Rajasthan and having received his formal dental education from reputed R. V. Dental College of Bangalore, Dr Vimal Rathi is a fabled Cosmetic Dentist practising in Surat since 2005. He spent his first three years in Hyderabad and Mumbai after completing his B.D.S. (Bachelor of Dental Surgery) to what his cosmetic dentistry skills and then moved to Surat to begin his full-fledged professional career. In 2005, he established his centre by the name ‘Dr Rathi’s Cosmetic Dental Clinic’ at Ring Road and the rest is history! He is now one of the most celebrated dentists of Surat and has engrossed himself in a lot of social work in all the nooks and corner of the city, primarily working and focusing on ‘Preventing Healthcare’. He has conducted more than 500 health check-up camps in South Gujarat and in 2015, he established the concept of ‘World PhD (Preventive Healthcare Day)’ which is celebrated since then every year on 15th of August very successfully. He has received many awards and accolades in his career, the latest one being ‘Jewel of Nation’ – an honour by NACHCOI (West Bengal / New Delhi) and Cifma (Mumbai) as well as ‘Honour-2019’ by Bollywood Star Sohail Khan.


  • Team management
  • Networking
  • Event Design
  • Strategic Planning